Introducing Decode Fintech — Business news for leaders in African fintech

The Decode Fintech newsletter is a weekly trade email newsletter for leaders in African fintech.

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We're excited today to announce Decode Fintech, a weekly trade email newsletter for leaders in African fintech!

We live in interesting times

To say that financial technology in Africa is changing quickly would be a major understatement.

There’re fascinating things happening on the continent at the intersection of code and money, and they're happening at an accelerating rate.

Whether it's the passage of the Payment Systems and Settlements Bill in Ghana, or Amazon partnering with Western Union to allow customers shop on Amazon in Kenya, thousands of people are working at a blistering pace to rebuild Africa's fundamental financial infrastructure. As they do so, there'll be far-reaching implications for how business happens from Cairo to Cape Town.

A tightly curated debrief of only what matters

When every day brings yet another product launch, partnership announcement, or fintech investment, it can be hard to keep track. As one of the largest payment companies operating in Nigeria, on any given day at Paystack, we speak with literally hundreds of some of the most interesting startups, bankers, and regulators working at the very frontier of this change.

The Decode Fintech newsletter lets us curate the most important things we're seeing, and share it for the benefit of the ecosystem.

To do this, we go to extreme lengths to scour numerous public data sources for information, including:

  • physical newspapers (a surprising number of announcements never make it online)
  • datasets published by the Bureau of Statistics and Central Banks of various countries
  • earnings calls by publicly listed companies
  • twitter accounts of knowledgeable commentators on African fintech
  • online publications, press releases, forums, podcasts, and much more!

You'll receive a smartly distilled summary in your inbox every Tuesday, at 9 am GMT + 1.

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Paystack has launched Decode Fintech, a weekly trade email newsletter for leaders in African fintech

Coming Soon: The Decode Fintech Podcast

Launching in a few weeks, the Decode Fintech Podcast is an audio show where the people building Africa’s payments infrastructure share what they’re seeing on the frontlines — what’s working, what’s not, and what’s next.

In each episode, an operator breaks down the ground truth of how they’re handling everything from product development to marketing in some of the world’s fastest-changing business environments.

Is there something you'd like to see us share in the newsletter? Let us know!

The Decode Fintech newsletter is community resource. If you have a product announcement, job posting, or opinion piece you'd like to share with the broader fintech ecosystem, please go ahead and share it with us so we can signal-boost it in the next week's issue.

How to subscribe to Decode Fintech

Our promise to you is that when you subscribe to Decode Fintech, you'll have a finger on the pulse of everything that's going on in African fintech, and you'll be able to make smarter product and business decisions.

To subscribe, please visit

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