Paystack and LifeBank launch crowdfunding campaign for overlooked Makurdi flood victims

Following the flood in Makurdi, Paystack and Lifebank raised funds for some of the victims

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Photo from a flooded community, from Guardian Nigeria

In late August 2017, torrential rainfall submerged over 3,000 homes in 24 communities in Nigeria’s Benue State. The disaster has displaced over 110,000 people.

As with all natural disasters, the outpouring of support was swift in the few days after the flooding occurred, but as often happens, once the cameras moved away, so did public attention on the crisis.

This is a huge issue, because post-emergency experts say that it’s actually during the post-flood period when victims are most vulnerable to disease, malnutrition, and death, but it’s at exactly this time when support dries up.

Already, Makurdi has began to slip from our television screens and radio announcements.

Paystack x LifeBank

Paystack has partnered with LifeBank to launch a crowdfunding campaign to fund the creation and distribution of life-saving Care Boxes full of critical food and health essentials.

Each Care Box contains over 30 critical food and health essentials, including soaps, Dettol, sanitary pads, blankets, Pampers, mosquito nets, plasters, cough syrup, skin rash cream, and much more.

LifeBank’s Care Boxes will act as a stabilizing force for many hundreds of thousands of people still reeling from the trauma of the floods.

100% of your donation goes to the campaign

Paystack is covering all transaction costs for donations made on this page, which means that 100% of your donation will go directly towards the creation and distribution of Care Boxes.

Additionally, Paystack is contributing a company donation of 300,000 Naira towards the campaign.

Join the campaign

To learn more about the campaign and to donate, please go to

Paystack and LifeBank launch crowdfunding campaign for overlooked Makurdi flood victims - The Paystack Blog Paystack and LifeBank launch crowdfunding… - The Paystack Blog