Introducing the Paystack Popup Shop

See Paystack Storefront in action with our first merch shop.

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We recently launched Paystack Storefront — a free and complete toolkit for selling products online, beautifully. Curious about what a fully set-up Storefront looks like? Glad you asked 😄

Say hello to the Paystack Popup Shop!

To build great Commerce products, we needed to become merchants ourselves

We had lots of fun building Storefront. So much so that we got curious about stepping into our merchants' shoes for a bit...

So we made a merch store featuring 7 beautiful products, that we designed and fabricated across 5 countries, over 15 months, in partnership with several African brands.

As you explore the Popup Shop, you'll see multiple commerce tools in action, including product variants, minimum order limits, WhatsApp chat, Gift Orders, and more.

Say hello to the Paystack Popup Shop

See Paystack Storefront in action with the Paystack Popup Shop, featuring 7 beautiful products that we designed and fabricated across 5 countries, over 15 months.

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This was a learning exercise for us. It gave us a better sense of the needs of makers and merchants, and gave us a crash course in global supply chains and international freight. Let's just say that, while making software is hard, we learned that there is a LOT of complexity in translating digital bits into physical atoms 😅

For makers who provide physical goods and services, we salute you! 🙌🏿🔥

Treat yourself and a loved one to a thoughtful gift

Here are the bespoke products you will find in the Popup Shop

🌊 Achieve impeccable waves with Durag

💰 Keep cash and cards with you on the go with Money Clip

👑 Turn heads with a crown fit for a Queen, with Turban

🕯 Energise your space with Brave Scented Candle and Reed Diffuser

🧥 Step out in style with Bomber Jacket

💍 Encounter something out of this world with Denya

Every order supports Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative


Mentally Aware Nigeria Initiative (MANI) is arguably Nigeria’s largest youth-run and youth-focused mental health organisation. Their work has never been more necessary, and we're proud to partner with them, and have the Paystack Popup Shop double as a fundraiser for the important work they do. We'll be donating up to 15% of all sales of select items on the Popup Shop to MANI.

Thank you

It's been such an instructive experience fabricating our own products, and we'd like to say a huge thank you to the brands who partnered with us to bring these products to life. Our most sincere thanks go to Boriah Clothiers, COL Fragrances, Grapes Pattern Bank, Printex Ghana, Turban Tempest, and Zivanora.


We also hope you enjoy these products as much as we enjoyed making them.

Finally, as the year winds to a close and thoughts turn to gift-giving, please try and support the many African makers and brands who are giving it their best, despite everything, every day.

Introducing the Paystack Popup Shop - The Paystack Blog Introducing the Paystack Popup Shop - The Paystack Blog