Product Design Internship

The thinking behind Paystack's Product Design internship

We’re interested in building a culture of design in Nigeria. The technology scene is becoming bigger, and we need to help create designers that can produce digital products that really make the cut. This is everything you need to know about Paystack’s design internship program.

The low-down

Many technology startups require a lot of portfolio work in any field of design to consider internship applicants. On the other hand, we realize design is only just on the come up here in Nigeria, thus:

  1. This is a learning experience, nothing more. We only expect interns to learn fast and help one other.
  2. We’re willing to teach people with an eye for design — with or without portfolios.
  3. Interns can be as optionally remote as they want — whatever is best for their learning process.
  4. It will be a paid internship.
  5. This internship will last for 10 weeks from February 2016.
  6. We’ll be taking on three interns in our first cycle.

On Acceptance

Acceptance into the internship programme involves the following exercises:

  1. Design exercise: This is to filter applicants for people who can work with deadlines, and think through tasks. You can do this in any medium of choice.
  2. Phone Screen: The people who make it past the exercise will be called to discuss
  3. Background
  4. Thinking behind the design exercise
  5. Other portfolio work, if any
  6. Reasons for choosing Paystack
  7. Availability
  8. App Critique: Intended to analyze product thinking skills, applicants will be asked to critique a popular Nigerian application.

On Rejection

Not everyone will get in, and we’ll try to let everyone know why. Applicants may be rejected because they

  1. Didn’t meet the requirements at any point in the process.
  2. Met the requirements but weren’t as good as other applicants — there’s a limit to how many people we can take on.

Rejected applicants will have a chance to join a mailing list to be sent all the exercises and learning materials over the internship period (10 weeks). There will be no supervision though.

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