Meet WBWR: Paystack's 2023 Service Partner of the Year

South Africa-based digital experiences agency WBWR receives the first ever Paystack Service Partner of the Year Award

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Earlier in 2023, we announced the Paystack Service Partner Program, where digital agencies and dev shops can partner with Paystack to provide seamless payments experiences for existing clients, while growing their business with leads that we refer.

Weโ€™re thrilled to present our first-ever Service Partner of the Year Award to digital experiences agency WBWR, headquartered in South Africa.

The SPOTY Award recognizes the Paystack Service Partner who was most successful in leveraging Paystack to drive revenue for their clients.

Featuring an original illustration by the Paystack Design team, the award takes the form of a custom jigsaw puzzle, which embodies the virtues of collaboration and collective problem solving that lie at the heart of the Paystack Service Partner Program.

In this video, we chat with Michael Van den Heerik, CEO at WBWR, about how the agency supports brands like Under Armour, Birkenstock, and Crocs, and how the Paystack Service Partner Program amplifies the excellent work that they do.

Are you a digital agency who is looking to partner with Paystack to delight your clients? Apply to join the Service Partner Program today!

And if youโ€™re a business owner looking to find an excellent agency who can help with everything from software development to product design, explore the Service Partner Directory.

Meet WBWR: Paystack's 2023 Service Partner of the Year - The Paystack Blog Meet WBWR: Paystack's 2023 Service Partner of theโ€ฆ - The Paystack Blog