Introducing Tabs vs Spaces

We’re excited to announce Tabs vs Spaces, the Twitter Spaces show where developers from startups in Africa have chill debates about hot topics in software development

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While building payments tools at Paystack, we work with brilliant developers - both fellow Stacks as well as peers in the African tech ecosystem - who’re passionate about their preferred ways to bring products to life.

Whether it’s indenting lines of code using tabs or spaces, or deciding whether to use object-oriented or functional programming, we always learn a lot from these (often hilarious) debates, and now, every other Thursday at 8 PM (WAT) you can weigh in during Tabs vs Spaces, a live debate show on Twitter Spaces!

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Tabs vs Spaces is a bi-weekly Twitter Spaces show where developers have chill debates about hot topics in software development.

Here’s how it works

In each show, two debaters will have three rounds to argue their position on the topic of the day. In one action-packed hour, they’ll debate a software development topic such as Native vs Cross-Platform Development, Javascript vs Typescript, or Vue vs React.

If there are key points missing from the debate, you’ll be able to take the stage to add your context, and at the end of the show, the entire audience will vote via Twitter Poll for the winning position.

Throughout the show, you’ll also get a peek into what other developers are working on, and what it’s like being an engineer at different tech startups across Africa.

Meet the first debaters 🚀


In the very first show, Ebuka Ugwu (Principal Engineer at Paystack), and Medard Ilunga (Tech Lead at Paystack), will debate Self-hosting vs Managed Hosting.

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Join a chill debate on Self-hosting vs Managed Hosting next Thursday, June 9

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Find out when it’s time for a new show

Live shows will happen every other Thursday at 8 PM (WAT).

To never miss a show, head over to the Paystack Twitter account and turn on notifications by clicking the bell icon. (If you do this on mobile, you might have the option to choose alerts specifically for Twitter Spaces, depending on the version of the app you have on your phone)


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See you on the show!

If debating the fine details of topics in software development and computer science sounds like your idea of a good time, you’re in luck 😄 - keep an eye out over the next few weeks for an open call for debaters. Till then, see you on next week’s show! 👋🏿

Introducing Tabs vs Spaces - The Paystack Blog Introducing Tabs vs Spaces - The Paystack Blog