Accept payments from American Express cardholders

American Express cardholders can now pay you on Paystack

Paystack supports Amex

We're excited to announce that Paystack now supports American Express (Amex) transactions. This means that merchants in Nigeria and South Africa can now accept payments from over 100 million global customers (50m+ in the USA) who pay with Amex.

This is in addition to Visa, Mastercard, and Verve cards which Paystack has supported for years.

American Express is one of the largest card networks in the world, which means that you now have access to over 100 million new prospective high-spending customers, with about half of them in the USA.

How to accept Amex cards with Paystack?

If you're a Nigeria-based Paystack merchant:

  1. Kindly enable international payments, if you haven't already
  2. Enable American Express as a payment option under the Preferences menu of your Dashboard. Here's a detailed guide that shows you how.
enabling amex

South Africa based merchants have Amex enabled by default, while Ghana-based merchants can't accept Amex card payments yet, but we aim to make it available when possible.

Common questions?

How much does Paystack charge per Amex card transaction?

In Nigeria, Paystack charges 4.5% per Amex card transaction, while we charge the same pricing as all other payment channels in South Africa. Learn more about our pricing.

In which currency will I receive my Amex transaction payouts?

Nigeria-based businesses will receive Amex transactions in Naira, while South Africa-based businesses will receive Amex transactions as Rand payouts.

Can Starter Businesses accept Amex card payments?

Yes, all business types — Starter and Registered — can accept Amex card payments, as long as they've enabled international transactions.

Got questions?

If you have any questions about accepting American Express cards on Paystack, kindly reach out to us here. We're happy to help ❤️

Accept payments from American Express cardholders - The Paystack Blog Accept payments from American Express cardholders - The Paystack Blog