Introducing Digital Products to Paystack Storefronts and Product Links

Sell digital products like ebooks or media files securely with Paystack Storefronts and Product Links

Digital Products

In 2020, we launched Paystack Commerce — a complete toolkit for selling online. A popular request we’ve received since then has been to make it easier for creators to sell digital products like ebooks and digital art with Paystack Storefronts and Product Links.

Today, we’re excited to announce that you can sell your digital products with Paystack, and seamlessly manage the download and post-sales experience right from your Dashboard.

Before now, creators sold their digital products in roundabout ways; usually by redirecting customers to cloud storages or manually emailing files to customers after payment. The new process is automated, simple, and straightforward.

What’s new?

From your customers’ perspectives, this is what buying your digital products now looks like:

Customers will see more information about your product before they buy it, helping them make quick purchase decisions. So, they’ll see photos of your product, the number of pages in your ebook, the length of your song, the file size of your video etc.

Selling an ebook
A screenshot of a Product Link selling an ebook

Once they pay, they’ll receive an automated email, with a link to a download page from where they can access your product.

Product Link email
A screenshot showing an email sent to a customer, with a link to download the digital product they paid for

They’ll also get automatically redirected to the download page, so they can instantly access and download your product.


If there’s an issue with a product they download, they’ll be able to give you quick feedback right from the download page, so you can fix it. If it’s a copyright issue, we’ll receive the claim, and investigate it.


As a creator, here are more things you can now do:

Product Link UI
A screenshot showing the Dashboard interface for uploading digital products, and setting download link expiry settings
  • You’ll be able to upload up to 10 files per product, up to 5 GB per file
  • You’ll also be able to protect your digital products by specifying if you’d like the download link to expire, and for how long it should be active for— 7 days, one year? It’s up to you!

What’s next?

We’ll continue to listen to you, and add more useful features to Digital Products. Here are some of the improvements that are top of our list to work on next:

  • If you sell products that come as PDFs (such as ebooks), you’ll soon be able to watermark every page of your PDF with your customers’ details. This will discourage customers from sharing your work for free with others since it can be traced back to them.
  • We’ll also let you decide the number of times you’d like customers to be able to download your products

Shop Digital Products ✨

Want to take Digital Products for a spin? Check out the stores below. You can also use the Pay for Me feature to get someone else to pay for you 😉

Shutabug's Digital Store

Shutabug is a visual artist who sells his art online with Storefronts. Check out some of his beautiful work here!


The Life Mapping Guide by Valerie Egbuniwe

This guide, authored by Valerie Egbuniwe — a lifestyle creator — helps you ask the right questions that help you unlock improved self-awareness and a better understanding of your life’s why. Buy your copy here →

Product Link ebook
A screenshot showing a Product Link that sells a PDF ebook

Common questions

How much does it cost to sell a Digital Product?

Digital Products are completely free to create. We only charge a transaction fee on each successful sale, so as always, Paystack only makes money when you make money. This is what our current pricing looks like.

Is Digital Products enabled for my business?

Digital Products is enabled for all Paystack merchants by default. Log in to your Paystack Dashboard to create your first digital product.

How do I create a Digital Product?

Read this short guide for instructions on how to create your first Digital Product. It’s simple and straightforward.

What type of files can I upload to my Digital Product?

Here’s a list of file types — text, audio, video, etc — and extensions you can upload and sell.

Sell more online

Digital Products unlocks an opportunity for you and other creators across Africa to monetise your craft and the stuff you know and make. We’re excited to see you connect with more customers with this feature. And if you have any questions or suggestions, we’d be more than happy to hear from you here.

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