Introducing Split Payments on Paystack Payment Pages

When a payment is made via a Payment Page, merchants can now automatically split the money with another bank account

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Payment Pages are the simplest way to accept online payments with Paystack. Merchants who don’t have their own website, for example, can quickly whip up a simple page through which customers can pay for goods and services.

We’re always looking for ways to improve the flexibility of Payment Pages while keeping them simple, and we’re excited to introduce a simple but powerful improvement - Split Payments on Payment Pages.

With Split Payments, when a payment is made via a Payment Page, merchants can now automatically split the money with another bank account (a subaccount).

What is a subaccount?

A Subaccount is a bank account different from the Paystack merchant’s primary bank account. When a payment is split, part of the money is deposited into the subaccount bank account. 

So say you wanted to send 50% of all payments collected via a Payment Page to your business partner’s bank account. You would simply create a subaccount for them, and then automatically split all payments received using the Split Payments feature.

Here’s a video tutorial that shows you in detail, how to create a Paystack subaccount:

Here’s how to set up Split Payments on Payment Pages

To get started, first, you create a Paystack subaccount by clicking on Subaccounts annotated as “1” below. You may also access that page by following this link directly


Next, create a Payment Page by clicking on Payment Pages from the menu panel. As you fill the Payment Pages creation form, select your preferred subaccount under the Split payment with a subaccount field annotated as “2” below


Finally, you create your Payment Page, share it with your customers and let Paystack handle the splits.

This in-depth video tutorial will walk you through how to set up split payments on a Paystack Payment Page. You’ll learn:

  • How to add a subaccount to your Payment Page
  • How to set up a predetermined sharing formula between the main and sub Paystack account

The 2 possible methods of splitting payments

You can split payments in 2 different ways:

  • Splitting using percentages: Using this method, you could split payments between the merchant bank account and the subaccount in percentage ratios that add up to 100%. It could be 80:20, 50:50, 35:65 or some other percentage split that adds up to 100%.
  • Splitting using fixed amounts: This method allows you to send a fixed amount from each payment received through a Payment Page to the merchant’s bank account, and then the remainder of the payments to the subaccount. To illustrate, if a Payment Page were set up to sell headphones that cost ₦5,000. You could use Split Payments to send ₦3,000 to the merchant’s bank account after every sale, while the remainder goes to the subaccount

A few ways you can use split payments on Payment Pages

Here’re some creative ways you could use split payments on Payment Pages

1. Affiliate programmes: If your business runs an affiliate programme where you pay referers a small percentage for directing buyers to your platform, then you can simply:

  • Create subaccounts for each of your affiliate partners
  • Create Payment Pages for each of them
  • Have them share links to the Payment Pages created for them with the people they refer 
  • Split the payments made through each page between you and the affiliate partners in agreed upon ratios

2. Corporate Charity Programs: If your business were associated with a charitable cause, you could use Split Payments to send a share of all payments received to the charity. For example, if you own a store that sells eyeglasses and you committed to donate 5% of all your sales to the community eye clinic, you could simply create a subaccount for the clinic, and for every eyeglass sale that you make, 5% of the payment will be automatically sent to the clinic - easy!

3. Creative agencies that manage social media influencers: Sometimes, social media influencers are hired to promote a brand. Agencies who work with these influencers can use the split payments feature to pay the influencers everytime a product they promote gets sold

In Summary

Split payments on Payment Pages makes it easy for businesses to accept payments from their customers, and easily share their revenue with other parties. 

More info?

Our Help Desk has super detailed breakdown on all things Paystack, including this help article on how split payments work in general:

Our friendly Customer Success Experts are also on standby to answer any questions — give them a call at +234 908 566 2909 or send us an email at [email protected]!

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