Kuda Bank added to Pay with Bank channel

Customers can now pay you directly from their Kuda Bank accounts

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As a business owner, your customers should be able to pay you however they choose to. This is why we're excited to add Kuda Bank as an option to our Pay with Bank payment channel. Going forward, your customers who use Kuda Bank will be able to pay you by simply entering their phone numbers on the Paystack Checkout Form.

Let's do a quick recap on what Pay with Bank is.

What is Pay with Bank?

Pay with Bank is one of several payment channels on Paystack through which customers can pay you. Using this option, a customer simply enters a bank account detail (such as their bank account number or phone number) to start a transaction.

Kuda on Checkout
The Pay with Bank interface for Kuda Bank on the Paystack Checkout Form

Here are some reasons why customers love Pay with Bank:

  • Customers who don't have a debit card (or simply can't pay with one for any reason) can use the Pay with Bank option.
  • Customers who don't like to put their card details online have an alternative that works for them in Pay with Bank.

How does Kuda Pay with Bank work?

If you're a Kuda Bank customer paying a Paystack merchant, here's how to use the Pay with Bank payment channel.

  • Tap on the Pay with Bank option on the merchant's Checkout Form, and select Kuda Bank from the list of banks
  • Enter the phone number attached to your Kuda Bank account, and tap on Continue
  • Open your Kuda Bank app, and go to the Payments tab
  • Select the Web Payment option
  • Tap on Get Pay ID, and copy the ID into the Paystack Checkout.
  • Tap on Authorize to make the payment.

Common Questions

Is Pay with Bank enabled for my business?

Pay with Bank is enabled for your business by default. If you'd like to confirm whether it's enabled for you or turn it off or on, you can do so on the Payment Preferences page on the Dashboard.

Can Ghanaian businesses accept payments via Pay with Bank?

No, the Pay with Bank payment channel is currently only available for businesses based in Nigeria. Ghana-based businesses are able to collect payments via the Pay with Mobile Money and Pay with Card channels.

Can customers make recurring payments through the Pay with Bank channel?

No, your customers can't make recurring payments using Pay with Bank, but they may do so using the Pay with Card payment channel.

Can I change my payout bank account to my Kuda Bank account?

Yes, if you have a Kuda Bank account, you can update your payouts preferences to collect payouts in your Kuda Bank account. When we settle you, we'll pay your payouts into that Kuda Bank account.

What are all the banks supported on the Pay with Bank channel?

We currently support six banks on the Pay with Bank channel:

  • First Bank of Nigeria
  • Guaranty Trust Bank
  • Kuda Bank
  • Sterling Bank
  • United Bank for Africa
  • Zenith Bank

Learn more about Pay with Bank.

How much does Paystack charge for Pay with Bank transactions?

Pay with Bank has exactly the same pricing as all other payment channels - there's no change in pricing. Here's an up-to-date breakdown of our pricing info.

Need any help?

If you have any questions about Kuda Pay with Bank, kindly reach out to us here. We're happy to help โค๏ธ

Kuda Bank added to Pay with Bank channel - The Paystack Blog Kuda Bank added to Pay with Bank channel - The Paystack Blog