Announcing Pay for Me

Get your friends to pay when you shop from a Paystack Storefront or Product Link

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Paystack Storefronts and Product Links are free seller tools that allow merchants in Africa bring products to market, beautifully. Thousands of customers shop through these tools, and we're excited to announce an enhancement that will increase sales even further for merchants.

We're thrilled to announce Pay for Me — when customers shop on your Paystack Storefront or Product Link, they can now get someone else to pay for the order on their behalf.

Shareable Takeaway
✨ Pay for Me lets someone else pay for you when you shop on a Paystack Storefront or Product Link. Find something you like? Create a Pay for Me link, and share it with your friends and fans!

How to create a Pay for Me link

Here's a short walkthrough on how to create a Pay for Me link on a Paystack Storefront or Product Link.

Once you've created your Pay for Me link, share it with your friends and fans on WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, or any other place you interact with them online. Someone might just tap on "Pay."

Designed with privacy in mind

When designing Pay for Me, we were careful to ensure that only the minimum amount of information is shared between buyer and recipient.

When a buyer clicks on a Pay for Me link, they'll only see the recipient's name and the details of the products they're about to pay for. Other information such as the recipient's delivery address will be kept private - only the seller will have access to it.

Similarly, when a buyer makes the payment, only their name and email address will be shared with the order recipient.

Pay for Me interace
When someone clicks on a Pay for Me link, this is what they see

Try Pay for Me for yourself

Want to see Pay for Me in action? Head over to the Firewood Rice Storefront to try Pay for Me yourself, and someone might just pay for your next meal!

Tell your customers about Pay for Me

The more customers who create and share Pay for Me links, the more likely you are to see more sales.

We've created a few graphics that you can share on social media to let customers know that they now have this useful new way to shop from you!

Download the Pay for Me graphics

Download and share these graphic assets with your customers on social media


Common Questions

Does Pay for Me only work for products sold on Paystack Storefronts and Product Links?

Yes, Pay for Me only works on products sold through our free seller tools — Paystack Storefronts and Product Links. Learn more about them here.

Can a Pay for Me link expire?

Yes, a Pay for Me link can expire if any of the products in order go out of stock before someone pays. Also, the link will be disabled after someone pays for the order.

Can I add products from multiple Storefronts and Product Links and share them in a single Pay for Me link?

No, not yet, but this is something we intend to make possible in future.

Does Pay for Me support partial payments?

No, not yet. We only support full and complete payments at the moment, but this is among future updates we're considering.

Got questions?

Do you have any questions or recommendations for how to make Pay for Me even more useful for you and your customers? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us here, we're all ears! ❤️

Announcing Pay for Me - The Paystack Blog Announcing Pay for Me - The Paystack Blog