Introducing Pay with SnapScan

Accept payments from millions of customers who pay with the SnapScan app

Pay with SnapScan

We're super excited to introduce SnapScan as a new payment method for Paystack merchants in South Africa. SnapScan is a popular and widely used payment method across the country, so your customers now have even more options to pay you, right from the Paystack Checkout.

Paystack Checkout
The Paystack Checkout Form

About SnapScan

SnapScan is a mobile payments app that helps millions of customers in South Africa pay easily via QR codes. There are other ways to pay with SnapScan, but this is by far the most popular method.

Here's why we're excited about SnapScan

  • Millions of people in South Africa already make everyday payments using SnapScan, and now it'll be easier for them to shop with you.
  • Customers who'd rather not pay directly with their cards can now pay you via SnapScan.
  • Providing additional payment options often means more customers can pay you.

Let your customers know they can now pay you via SnapScan on Paystack

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Here's what businesses are saying about Pay with SnapScan;


How does SnapScan work?

If you're paying from your phone:

  • Tap on the SnapScan option on the merchant's Checkout Form, and a QR code will be revealed.
  • You’ll see an option to "Open in SnapScan App"
  • Tap on "Open in SnapScan App," which will open SnapScan on your phone.
  • Click on "Pay" and enter your pin — that's it!

If you're not browsing the merchant's website with your phone, here's how Pay with SnapScan works:

  • Click on the SnapScan option on the merchant's Checkout Form, and a QR code will be revealed
  • Open your SnapScan app on your phone, click on the camera icon, and scan the SnapScan QR code
  • Click on "Pay" and enter your pin— that's it!

Here's a link to a more detailed breakdown of how SnapScan works (with pictures) →

Common Questions

Is Pay with SnapScan enabled for my business?

If you’re a South Africa-based business, SnapScan is enabled for your business by default. You can turn it off from the Preferences page on the Dashboard by unchecking “QR” as a payment channel. Kindly note that unchecking QR will also disable Masterpass as a payment channel, along with SnapScan.

The Preferences page of the Dashboard

Can Nigeria or Ghana-based businesses accept payments via Pay with SnapScan?

No, Pay with SnapScan is only available to businesses based in South Africa.

Can customers make recurring payments through the SnapScan channel?

No, your customers can't make recurring payments using Pay with SnapScan, but they can do so, using Pay with Card.

Can I pay from my SnapScan Wallet?

No, you can't. Right now, you can only pay using the cards set up in your SnapScan app.

How much does Paystack charge for Pay with SnapScan transactions?

SnapScan has exactly the same pricing as all other payment channels - there's no change in pricing. Here's an up-to-date breakdown of our pricing info.

Need any help?

If you have any questions about SnapScan for Paystack, kindly reach out to us here. We're happy to help ❤️

Introducing Pay with SnapScan - The Paystack Blog Introducing Pay with SnapScan - The Paystack Blog