New: Update your Paystack marketing email preferences

Choose the specific kinds of marketing emails you receive from Paystack

​Manage your email preferences

We have some exciting announcements coming soon (stay tuned to hear more in Q2!) — we don't want you to miss out on them as they happen, so we’re making it super easy to update your email preferences and choose the exact types of emails you receive from Paystack!


You'll be able to select one or more of the following options:

  • Monthly roundup: a simple round-up of everything important that was announced during the month. (Choose this and unselect the others if you want to receive the fewest number of emails)
  • New features: Find out as soon as there're new features and product announcements
  • Events & Webinars: What would you do if you had 5 mins with the most successful business leaders in Africa? Get exclusive invitations to meet, learn, and network with domain experts
  • Guides & Reports: Get quantitative analysis on Africa's business landscape, distilled from Paystack's proprietary data
  • The Paystack Blog: A playbook for digital entrepreneurs in Africa. Fellow founders share what's worked for them in everything from fundraising, to hiring, to marketing, and more

Choosing your email preferences

For existing subscribers

  • If you already subscribe to the Paystack newsletter, then you’ve received an email with the subject line: ⚡️New: Update your email preferences!
  • Simply scroll to the bottom of that email, and click “Update your email preferences.” It takes you to a customised page, similar to the one shared above, where you'll be able to update your preferences
  • Select all the types of emails you’d like to receive, and save your preferences. That’s it - we'll only send you those types of emails from now on

For future subscribers

  • Going forwards, there'll be a link in the footer of every Paystack marketing email to the page where you can update your email preferences. It looks like this:
email footer

If you’d like to subscribe to the Paystack newsletter, please enter your email in the box below!

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