New: Improved User Roles and permissions management on the Paystack Dashboard

Invite more members of your team to your Paystack Dashboard, and choose exactly what they can see and do

User roles on the Paystack Dashboard

We’re excited to introduce improved User Roles and permissions management to the Paystack Dashboard! You now have more granular control over exactly what each member of your team can see and do on your Paystack Dashboard. 

Introducing the new Default User Roles

Previously, these were the User Roles on the Paystack Dashboard: 

  • Main Owner
  • Admin
  • Employee
  • Consultant

Following the revamp, those default roles have now been replaced with these:

  • Business Owner
  • Admin
  • Operations
  • Developer Support
  • Customer Support

These User Roles - and the default permissions they have access to - have been designed to fit the broad use cases we see. Here’s a breakdown of each user role:

  • Business Owner: There can be only one Business Owner at a time. This person has complete access to all parts of the Dashboard and can’t be removed by Admins.
  • Admin: This role grants users the permissions to manage everything on the Dashboard. You can add, manage, and remove team members, move money out, and manage all the settings on your business’ Paystack Dashboard.
  • Operations: This role grants users the permissions to manage everything on the Dashboard, with the exception of making transfers from your business’ Paystack balance. This role is ideal for a business manager who needs full visibility into your business, but should not have the ability to move funds out of the business.
  • Developer Support: This role grants users the permissions necessary for providing technical support. Users in this group can view and manage things like API Keys and webhooks, business settings, and more. However, they can’t access sensitive information such as your business’ performance, balance history, and other settings which allow them to move money out of your balance. Want to invite a software developer to help you integrate Paystack on your behalf? This is the role you’d likely want to assign to them.
  • Customer Support: This role grants users the permissions necessary to provide support to your business’ customers. It allows the users to view only your business’ transactions and customers. Say a customer calls to complain about a recent order. Team members with this role are empowered to quickly look up the transaction details and better support that customer.

How to manage User Roles

Here’s a quick tutorial that’ll show you how to invite new users and manage user roles and permissions on the Paystack Dashboard!

Here’s a simple breakdown of the steps needed to manage your team members’ User Roles:

  • Log into your Paystack Dashboard, and click on Settings
  • Select the Team tab, and then click on Change role next to the team member’s email, and annotated as “1” below
  • Select one of the default user roles, or a custom role that you created by clicking on the menu selector annotated as “2” below. This reveals all the default and custom user roles
  • Click on Save, and the team member’s updated user permissions would have been saved

About Custom User Roles

Custom user roles allow you to choose exactly what team members can see and do on the Paystack Dashboard. If the default user roles do not meet your needs, you can simply create a Custom Role that has the exact permissions you require.

Here’s a breakdown of how to create custom user roles on the Paystack Dashboard:

  • From the Team tab on the Settings page of the Paystack Dashboard, click on Manage Roles annotated as “3” below
  • Next, click on Create a custom role annotated as “4” below which reveals a custom role creation form
  • Fill in the Create Custom Role form, and then click on Create Role at the bottom of the form to create your custom role

How to find your updated permissions

Here’s a breakdown of how to find your updated user role and permission:

  • To view your updated user role and permissions, click on the menu icon at the top right of the Dashboard, and then click on Permissions annotated as “5” below
  • This reveals your user role, and a list of all the sections of the dashboard you can access, and those that you cannot

In Summary

The revamped User Roles and improved permissions management allows you to add more members of your team to the Paystack Dashboard while giving them access to only the information and data that they need to do their jobs.

At Paystack, we strongly believe that payments information can help everyone in a company do their jobs better. Whether your teammates come from Finance, Customer Support, Marketing, or Engineering, there’re trends and insights buried inside your payments data that they can leverage to boost sales, shrink churn, and help you operate at peak efficiency.

With improved permissions, you can now confidently invite more members of your team into your Paystack Dashboard and give them guided access to the information they need in a secure way.

More info?

If you need any clarifications about the improved user permissions, please feel free to give our friendly Customer Success Experts a call on +234 908 566 2909 or send us an email at [email protected]!

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