Introducing Season 2 of the Decode Fintech Podcast

Say hello to Season 2 of the Decode Fintech Podcast — the show where the people building Africa's financial infrastructure share what they’re seeing on the frontlines.

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Paystack processes over 50% of all online transactions in Africa’s largest market, and every day, we speak with hundreds of the most interesting startups, bankers, and regulators who're rebuilding the continent's fundamental financial infrastructure. The Decode Fintech Podcast allows us to hit record and share what we're learning.

In the first season of the podcast, which you can listen to here, we featured guests from American Express, GTBank and Paga, who had interesting insights to share. At its peak, the season was the 4th most popular podcast (business category) in Nigeria on Apple Podcasts, and also the 3rd most popular podcast (entrepreneurship category) in Ghana. We're excited about Season 2, and we hope you love it too.

Voices from across Africa

In this season of the show, we switched things up and expanded our conversations to span the continent, discussing everything from the history of mobile money in Ghana, to best practices for international expansion, to the future of cryptocurrencies on the continent, and more.

We also tested out a narrative style where we featured multiple perspectives on one subject. We think you'll enjoy this new style.

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Season 2 of the Decode Fintech podcast is live! We break down the history of mobile money in Ghana, the future of cryptocurrencies on the continent, and more. Listen here

Listen to the first episode

We're kicking off Season 2 with one episode, and subsequently, you can look forward to a weekly release schedule for the rest of the season.

Episode 1: A History of Mobile Money in Ghana

The season's pilot episode takes us to Ghana, the fastest growing mobile money market in Africa. We explore what it took for Ghana to earn that title. Among the many guests who help break it down for us are Archie Hesse, CEO of Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems (GhIPSS), and Bruno Akpaka, the first General Manager of MTN Mobile Money in Ghana.

Look out for even more exciting conversations

Season 2 was all about mining insights from the best in the business. Here's what each episode looks like:

Episode 2: International Expansion 101 for Fintechs in Africa

season 2, episode 2

What should you know before expanding your Africa-based fintech to more countries?

In this episode, we explore the art and science of launching financial service products beyond your home country, covering everything from how to choose which countries to expand into, to how to hire in different markets, and what to watch out for when incorporating the business.

Our guides through this topic are operators with long experience in expansion: Wiza Jakalasi (Chipper Cash), Marcello Schermer (Yoco), Adia Sowho (ex-Migo), and Maria Rotilu (ex-Branch).

Episode 3: How Paystack Drives Growth with Customer Service

season 2, episode 3

Customer service goes beyond just answering emails and phone calls. When managed correctly, every interaction with customers can generate key insights that help grow your business.

In this episode, Steve Amaza, a Customer Success Manager for User Operations at Paystack, speaks about how Paystack uses customer service data to improve the product, the tooling that the team uses to keep up even as the company scales, and the value of empathy and a problem-solving mindset in building a world-class customer support team.

Episode 4: How expressPay Builds Trust with Customer Service

season 2, episode 4

As a fintech company, you work hard to ensure that nothing goes wrong. But when things do go wrong, like they occasionally will, how you handle the situation can make the difference between a customer who churns, and a passionate ambassador for life. In this episode, we speak with Francis Appiah, the Operations Manager at expressPay.

Francis speaks about hiring great support teams, and how a diverse support team leverages past experiences, skills and relationships to go above and beyond when solving customer problems. He also discusses how to balance providing great customer service to even the most difficult customers, while protecting team welfare.

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Introducing Season 2 of the Decode Fintech Podcast - The Paystack Blog Introducing Season 2 of the Decode Fintech Podcast - The Paystack Blog