Introducing Pay with Apple Pay

Accept more international payments via Apple Pay

apple pay on paystack

We're excited to announce Pay with Apple Pay — a new payment channel that lets you accept international payments quickly and securely from millions of Apple Pay users.

About Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple. It enables frictionless payments that allow customers to authorise payments with Touch ID or Face ID, instead of manually filling out long payment forms.

Businesses have long been able to accept international card payments with Paystack, but this integration allows Nigerian and Ghanaian businesses to access millions of Apple Pay users in the 60+ countries where Apple Pay is supported, including the USA, UK, and Canada. In Nigeria and Ghana, Paystack is the first payment gateway to support Apple Pay.

Why we're excited about Pay with Apple Pay

  • You'll see improved success rates for international transactions
  • Your customers will be able to checkout in seconds
  • You'll automatically improve your business' reach, and collect payments via a fast, easy, and secure method that's native to millions of Apple users across the world. All at no extra cost to you or your customers.

How does Pay with Apple Pay work?

From your customers' point of view:

  • Many international customers have Apple Pay enabled on their Apple devices. If they do, they'll automatically see the option to checkout using Apple Pay, and can complete the transaction using Touch ID, or Face ID.
PwAP in Nigeria
This is what Pay with Apple Pay looks like to customers in Nigeria
PwAP in Ghana
This is what Pay with Apple Pay looks like to customers in Ghana

From your perspective as a Paystack merchant:

Apple Pay Settings
A screenshot of the Paystack Settings Page
  • If you only accept payments via Paystack Commerce tools (such as Paystack Storefronts, and Invoices) you don't need to do anything else — you're all set.
  • If you accept payments via a custom Paystack integration on your website or your mobile app, you'll need to register your domain, as per Apple's rules. It's straightforward, and here's a guide to show you how →
  • Once these steps are carried out, you'll be able to accept international payments via Apple Pay.

Here's a detailed guide on how to enable Pay with Apple Pay for your business →

Common questions

In what countries is Pay with Apple Pay available?

Pay with Apple Pay is available to Paystack merchants in Nigeria and Ghana, and we’re aiming to bring it to all our markets soon.

Is Apple Pay automatically enabled for my business?

No, it’s not. Apple requires you to manually opt-in, so if you'd like to get paid via Apple Pay, check to see if you've enabled international transactions, and then manually activate Apple Pay from the Preferences tab of the Settings page.

Pay with Apple Pay
A screenshot of the Paystack Settings Page

After enabling Pay with Apple Pay, what else do I need to do?

If you accept payments via Paystack Commerce tools — Storefronts, Product Links, or Invoices — you won't need to do anything else. Once you enable "Pay with Apple Pay" on your Dashboard, you're good to go!

If you accept payments directly from your website or mobile app using a custom Paystack integration, you'll need to do a quick additional setup — registering your domain. Here are detailed instructions to guide you. It's a straightforward process, and you'll be done in a few minutes.

How much does Paystack charge for Apple Pay transactions?

We charge the same amount we charge for international transactions:

  • In Nigeria: 3.9% + NGN 100 per transaction
  • In Ghana: 1.95% per transaction

Learn more about our Pricing.

[Replay] Technical Workshop: How to integrate Apple Pay


Watch a recording of our live, step-by-step guide on how to integrate Pay with Apple Pay. Most businesses don’t require a technical integration, so this online workshop is optimised for software developers who are integrating Pay with Apple Pay into a mobile or web app.

You can also check out the Paystack Developer Documentation for more information on how to integrate Apple Pay.

Your business to the world 🚀

We're excited to see how Pay with Apple Pay boosts your international sales. Your international customers will immediately recognise the Apple Pay brand on your website, they’ll love the simplicity and convenience; and you'll love the increased sales and conversions.

If you have any questions at all about Pay with Apple Pay, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here. We're happy to help! ❤️

Introducing Pay with Apple Pay - The Paystack Blog Introducing Pay with Apple Pay - The Paystack Blog