Behind the feature — Payment pages

Exploring the Payment Pages feature

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We’re starting a series on the blog where we’ll share the stories behind some of the features at Paystack. The beauty of having a product with over 6,000 signups is that you get to speak with so many people and that gives you a good idea of what people want. Every feature has a story, and today, we’ll reflect on how we built the payment page feature.

Shola: Sometime in January, I was speaking with a customer and she mentioned how she wanted to use Paystack for her business but she needed to do it herself without involving a developer. Do you know Javascript? No. PHP? No. She ended the call by saying Paystack might not be as easy as we think. I swallowed that, accepted the challenge and spent the next few hours brainstorming with the other members of the product team, then Ezra and Ope. One thing was clear, there were so many people like this lady that needed to accept payments without contracting a developer and the earlier we found a way to help them, the better for us all. In 2 weeks, we built an MVP, piloted it, and launched it a blog post.

We spent the next few months getting feedback and monitoring usage. Sometime in August, we released an update. Today, the feature is growing fast and currently accounts for 5% of our transaction volume. Over 260 businesses have received payments using Payment pages and adoption continues to increase.

Growth of Payment Pages

Here are some nifty things you can do with our Payment pages:

Collect all the information you need: Request addresses, date of birth, gender, basically any information you want to get from your customers.

Set custom fields

Memorable payment pages: Use custom URLs to create pages your customers can remember. And yes, you can also update the URLs of your existing payment pages.

Custom URLs

Payment pages with subscriptions: Your customers can subscribe for your recurring plans via payment pages.


Redirects and success messages: Redirect your customers somewhere else after a successful payment. Or just set a custom thank you message.

Create an account on or log in to your dashboard to start using these features.

Behind the feature — Payment pages - The Paystack Blog Behind the feature — Payment pages - The Paystack Blog