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List multiple products on Paystack Payment Pages, and better manage your inventory on the Paystack Dashboard

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We're excited to introduce a much-requested enhancement to Paystack Payment Pages. You can now list multiple products on your Payment Page, manage product inventory on your Paystack Dashboard, and your customers can now quickly purchase multiple quantities at a time.

What is a Paystack Payment Page?

Payment Pages are literally the easiest way to accept payments with Paystack. With a few clicks, you can create a simple, high-converting page through which your customers can pay you. Payment Pages are popular with merchants who want a quick way to collect payments from multiple customers, or merchants who don't have their own website.

You could previously only list a single product on a Payment Page at a time, and customers could only purchase one quantity at a time. Now, we're excited to expand the functionality of Payment Pages to serve more use cases.

How to list multiple products on your Payment Page

It's really easy to list multiple products on a Payment Page

  • First, go to the brand new Products section of the Paystack Dashboard and create as many products as you like. You can include the product descriptions, price, and the number of units you have in stock.
  • Next, create a Paystack Payment Page and add one or more products from the list of products you created
  • Share your custom link to the Payment Page with your customers. Customers will be able to buy multiple units of multiple products for as long as products are in stock.

Here's a super detailed guide on how to list multiple products on Payment Pages, complete with helpful screenshots.

Here’re a few interesting ways we’ve seen businesses use Products on Payment Pages.

Use Case: 📦 Online store

Say you have lots of followers on Instagram and it's your primary platform for acquiring paying customers. You can now add a simple link to your Instagram bio that takes customers to a Payment Page listing every product you sell.

As customers purchase from your store, you can go to your Paystack Dashboard to see how many units of each product you've sold, which customers paid for which products, and your total sales per product.


Use Case: 🎺 Event ticketing

Products on Payment Pages are a great way to sell event tickets online. Simply list different ticket types (eg. regular vs VIP tickets), and your customers will be able to purchase multiple quantities at a time.

You can set the number of tickets, so that as soon as the last seat is sold, the page shows an "Out of Stock" message.


Managing product inventory on your Paystack Dashboard

Your Paystack Dashboard now includes a simple inventory manager. Set the quantity of each item and track inventory in real time, track revenue per product, and see a list of everyone who has paid for each product.

You can set the inventory for every product you sell

The screenshot below shows a book seller's inventory on their Paystack Dashboard. It lists all the books they sell and the quantity of each book left in stock. This provides a quick way to tell when you're running low on stock.

A bookseller's inventory on the Paystack Dashboard

You can also drill deeper to see detailed sales information per product. The screenshot below shows more information about The Mouse and the Stone, one of the books in the bookseller's inventory. You can see the number of units of this book she has in stock, the number of times the book has been sold, and a list of customers who've bought the book.

Sales information about a product

For businesses that sell more than one product, Products on Payment Pages are a great way to track how well your products sell, and make sure you're always in stock on the products your customers want.

Developer documentation — Build custom inventory management solutions

If you're a developer (or have access to developers), you can build custom solutions on top of Products on Payment Pages!

Check out the developer documentation for Products on Payment Pages →

You’ll find 5 API endpoints that’ll show you how to create, list, fetch, update, and add products to Payment Pages.

Have questions or suggestions?

Please reach out to our friendly Customer Success team through live chat at the bottom-right of the Paystack Dashboard. You can also reach us at [email protected] - we're happy to help!

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