Introducing the new Paystack Developer Documentation

Say hello to new interactive walkthroughs, code snippets, faster search, guides, and lots more!

New Paystack Developer Documentation

Every month, we welcome over 100,000 visits to the Paystack Developer Documentation as developers come to learn how to build custom payment experiences with Paystack APIs.

The Documentation is a very important part of the Paystack experience, and we're excited to announce that we've completely rebuilt it from scratch to better serve you.

Say hello to the new Paystack Developer Documentation

Explore new code snippets, walkthroughs, sample projects, guides, and more.

Explore the new Documentation โ†’

The Paystack Documentation used to be built on a third-party platform, which made it difficult to create custom experiences. After numerous conversations with developers, we decided to invest in building a bespoke Documentation experience from the ground up. Let's dive into what's new.

Paystack Doc
A screenshot of the new Paystack Documentation's home page

Find information quickly

As our product suite grew, it became harder for developers to find the information they needed, so one of the major things we focused on was to improve discoverability.

  • Smarter content grouping: We grouped all the content on the new Documentation under five categories โ€” accepting payments, sending money, identifying your customers, Libraries & Plugins, and Guides. This makes finding the information you need easier and more intuitive.
  • A faster search experience: Searching across the Documentation is now blazing fast thanks to Algolia.
  • Quick summaries: New "In a nutshell" summaries, bold warnings, and clear tips make it easier to quickly see most important things you need to know on every page.
  • Faster load time: The new Documentation is optimised for speed on both mobile and desktop. We fine-tuned everything so pages load a lot faster.
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Take a look at Paystack's brand new and improved Developer Documentation.

Discover what's possible with sample projects

The new Documentation contains sample projects that show you how the Paystack API works for various use cases. These sample projects are pre-written, downloadable code samples you can run and edit to fully explore what's possible with Paystack.

Here's a link to all the sample projects, which include:

  • A gift store
  • A movie ticket sales app
  • A lending app

Walkthrough the Paystack APIs

For anyone just getting started, interactive walkthroughs will introduce you to the basics of how to use the Paystack API to send and receive money. Try them out on the homepage of the Documentation.

API walkthrough
Interactive walkthrough on how to collect money using the Paystack API
API walkthrough
Interactive walkthrough on how to collect money using the Paystack API

Review and copy code snippets

In every section of the Documentation, you'll find code snippets that act as templates for how you could structure your code to achieve your goals. You can also review and copy these snippets for use in your code.

code snippets
A screenshot of a code snippet on the new Paystack Developer Documentation

Detailed Guides for every stack

Our guides show you how to integrate Paystack with your product, depending on your stack. Here are the first two titles in the guide section:

We'll add more Guides over time, and you can let us know which Guides you'd like to see first using the feedback buttons.

Constant, iterative improvement

Now that we can control the entire Documentation experience in granular detail, we'll be making frequent improvements to make sure it serves you better.

At the bottom of every page of the Documentation, you'll find a feedback section that allows you to tell us what you'd like to see improved. We review every single message, so please don't hesitate to literally any idea you have for how the Documentation could be even better.

A screenshot of the feedback form on the Developer Documentation

In summary

The Paystack API gives developers superpowers to build amazing payments experiences, and we hope the new and improved Developer Documentation makes it easier to go from idea to shipped project in record time.

Please let us know what you think using the feedback section at the bottom of every page!

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