New: Customer Insights and revamped Customer Directory on the Paystack Dashboard

Understand your customers’ purchase patterns with the brand new Paystack Customer Insights page and the revamped Customer Directory

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The best-performing businesses on Paystack enjoy double-digit revenue growth rates, every single month. What differentiates them from everyone else? They’re deeply data driven. They look closely at their payments data to understand buying patterns, and these insights drive business decisions.

Previously, such insights were relatively hard to surface, so they were only easily available to large merchants with the time and resources to mine the data. Today, we’re excited to announce two big improvements to the Paystack Dashboard that make it a lot easier for ALL Paystack merchants to understand their customers’ purchase patterns.

Here’s what’s new:

  • We’ve launched a brand new Customer Insights page
  • We’ve made the Customer Directory a lot more powerful

The Brand New Customer Insights Page

The Customer Insights section is a customer analytics tool designed to give you a better understanding of who your customers are, and their buying patterns.


Here's a short video that walks you through all you need to know about Customer Insights on the Paystack Dashboard

Below, I’ll list out all the data that you now have access to on the Customer Insights page, and a few ideas for how you can use this information to grow your business:

Customer Growth

This section gives you a visual representation of the number of customers who have done business with you over a period of time. At a glance, you can tell how your customer growth changed over time. This section also allows you to see customer growth specifically for New or Returning customers.

s_ED3E91817D8C8767945FB43EB8CB72DBF11BE8FE9F35151C7B28647B89577CAF_1526315787039_customer+growthh.gifAs a business owner, this section may help you understand how well a promotional campaign performed.

Top Customers

This section shows you who your best customers are.

There’re two lists - Biggest Spenders (a ranked list of customers who spent the most amount of money within a time period), and Most Payments (a ranked list of customers who made the most number of payments within a time period). You can also quickly see how much of your revenue this customer accounts for, and whether they’re a brand new or a returning customer.

Information from this section can help you target loyalty schemes at the right customers - letting you reward your top customers, and incentivise other customers to spend more on your business.


Busiest day of the week

This section shows the relative amount of payments activity happening for each day of the week. This information can inform staffing decisions - for instance, if most payments are happening on Thursday, you might want to have more Customer Support people on standby on that day to deal with higher-than-average support requests.


Busiest time of day

This section shows you the relative amount of payments activity that happens during the course of an average day.


Share of revenue

Many businesses try not to rely on only a relatively few number of customers for a large share of their revenue. In a situation where 5 customers account for 95% of your revenue, for example, losing one customer could be fatal to your business.

This section lets you track what percentage of your revenue is due to your biggest customers, allowing you to strike a healthy share of revenue balance for your business


NOTE: All the insights that you get from the Dashboard are shown for only a time frame of your choosing. From the section of the Customer Insights page annotated as “1” below, you may choose to display customer insights for any of the preset time frames listed in the dropdown, or for a custom time frame by clicking on Custom Period, annotated as “2” below

The date range filter on the Customer Insights page

To access Customer Insights, log into your Paystack Dashboard, and click on Insights in the menu column.

The Improved Customer Directory

A close-up on the new customer search filter on the Customer Directory page

The Customer Directory is where you see a list of all customers that have ever made payments to your business. 

Before now, you could only filter the list of customers by the date when they made their very first transaction. With the latest improvement to the Customer Directory, you can now search for customers using a number of useful search criteria listed below:

1. Type of transactions the customer(s) have had

  • Any transaction
  • At least one successful transaction
  • At least one failed transaction
  • At least one abandonned transaction
  • At least one reversed transaction

2. Date range

  • All time
  • Specific day
  • Today
  • Over a time range (say between February 1, 2017 - February 14, 2017)

3. Type of customers:

  • new
  • returning

Finally, you can now also Export the Customer lists generated from these filters.

Just as in the old Customer Directory, you can still click on each customer to find out more information about them such as a list of their transactions, email address, and their subscriptions.

To access the improved Customer Directory, log into your Paystack Dashboard, and click on Customers on the menu column.

In Summary

Paystack is more than payments gateway. In addition to one of the industry’s best-performing payments options, we build useful tools to help merchants better understand payments information, and make better business decisions.

We hope you find the new Customer analytics tools useful, and that they help you learn things you didn’t know that you didn’t know about your customers 😁Here’s to growth! 🥂

More info?

If you need any help concerning with the new Customer Insights page or the improved Customer Directory, please feel free to give our friendly Customer Success Experts a call on +234 908 566 2909 or send us an email at [email protected]!

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