Improvements to the process of issuing multiple refunds

It’s now easier to manage multiple refunds on the Paystack Dashboard

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We’ve made several improvements to the process of doing multiple refunds to the same transaction.

  • You can now see multiple refunds per transaction - when you process refunds in bits for a single transaction, you can now see all the refunds on the transaction’s page, and also see the status of the refunds (see the screenshot below)
  • From the transaction’s page, you can also click on “Process another refund” as shown below to initiate a refund for part or all of the remaining amount the customer paid. So, if a customer paid you 3,000 NGN, and you had previously processed 500 NGN for refund, you may now click on “Process another refund” to refund the remaining 2,500 NGN, or refund only a part of the remaining 2,500 NGN, say 750 NGN
  • When the transaction has been fully refunded, you will no longer be able to create a refund for that particular transaction, and the “Process another refund” button disappears
  • Refund amounts are now suggested to you - at the point where you’re about to make a refund, the correct amount to refund is shown to you. In the illustration shown below for instance, 600 NGN out of 3,000 NGN has been processed for refund, the modal correctly suggests that you refund only 2,400 NGN

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If you need any help at all concerning Refunds, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected], or request a phone call!

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