Why we spent a year building a “Pay with Bank Account” feature for Nigerian merchants

All the details about Paystack's "Pay with bank" feature that lets customers pay businesses with just their account number

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Paystack recently launched Pay with Bank, a new feature that allows customers of Paystack merchants to pay without a card, using just a bank account number.

It took us nearly a year to get Pay with Bank right. After numerous initial attempts, we finally cracked it (the actual engineering work took only a few weeks once we solved it), and we couldn’t be more thrilled by the overwhelmingly positive response!

Recently, we saw a transaction that perfectly illustrates why we devoted significant resources towards building this feature for Nigerian merchants.

This payment timeline tells a simple, but powerful story.


Let’s break this down.

A prospective customer wants to pay a Paystack merchant…

Our hero, a prospective customer— let’s call her Temitope — attempts to pay a Paystack merchant with her debit card.


Unfortunately, her card was declined due to a 3DS error, which means that her card failed to pass automated risk checks 🙁

If this merchant had been using a payment processor other than Paystack, this would have been the end of the story. Temi would have abandoned cart, and the merchant would have lost the sale.

This is what happens instead.

Pay with Bank to the rescue

Instead of abandoning the purchase, Temi chooses to try Paystack’s Pay with Bank feature!


She quickly fills in her details in a few seconds and tries again….




Temi makes her payment, closes the page, and goes on with her life.

Temi is pleased to receive the service she wants, and the merchant just earned a new customer who would otherwise have walked away 🙌🏿

Obsessed with making Nigerian merchants more money

At Paystack, we ask ourselves one main question every day: “How can we help Nigerian merchants make more money?”

Literally every single decision we make as a company revolves around answering this question, and we won’t rest until every business in Nigeria has simple, elegant tools to take their company to the next level.

One more thing…

By the way, you know that payment timeline? That timeline is available to every Paystack merchant.

This is what the full transaction page looks like.


Paystack’s transaction page tells you everything you need to know about a customer’s payment, including:

  • How long the customer spent on the page
  • What device they used to pay
  • How many times they tried to pay
  • The kind of card they used to pay
  • The name and country of their bank
  • Lots more!

Get started with Paystack

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Have questions? We’re happy to help! Simply send us a message at [email protected] or give us a call at +234 908 566 2909👌

Why we spent a year building a “Pay with Bank Account” feature for Nigerian merchants - The Paystack Blog Why we spent a year building a “Pay with Bank… - The Paystack Blog